Paul Simon Streaming "So beautiful Or So What"

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I have been streaming Paul Simon's So Beautiful Or So What on NPR and I am pretty damn impressed though mot always. A little too much so what, here. For the beautiful:Early on there is three killer tracks, The Afterlife", "Dazzling Blue" and "rewrite" that are as strong as any moment in his solo career you care to mention. "Rewrite" is like an outtake from his first album only the rhythms aren't the same. It sounds like 1970 Simon but it has such a strange off beat rhythm, it doesn't. By the end Simon is whistling and it really is …

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Mellencamp And Stephen King To Make Musical together

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Far be it for me to judge a musical by its blurb , but this sounds like the most boring piece of crap known to man or beast. A musical to be makes its debut next year in Atlanta. 1. Music by Mellencamp. I think that speaks for itself. 2. Book by STephen King -who somewhere in the past 30 years, forgot how to shut up. 3. Musical director: T. Bone Burnett -remember when this guy was cool? circa King Of America. Well, he sucks now. Oh and Atlanta -yeah, lotsa great musicals opened that far outta town.