Mary Lou Lord’s “Backstreet Angel” Reviewed

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In these days where certain artists self proclaim themselves to be the best thing since sliced bread there’s something about Mary Lou Lord that makes it heartening to hear her new album Backstreet Angels:  a team effort in the truest sense of the word, that  includes those members of the public who funded the Kickstarter,  her daughter, her producer, a slew of songwriters and Marylou herself, who made this release possible and resulting in THE album of 2015. To them I say, Thank You !!! Although Mary Lou is no stranger to the music industry she hasn’t released an album for 11 years but …

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November 20th Is The Transgender Day of Remembrance, Listen To Zach And Kriegs "Keeping You Alive"

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First of all I want tell all of the transgender community how courageous you all are for being emotionally strong enough to simply exist , living your lives for who you truly are on the inside. You are beautiful individuals who do not deserve to live in fear because of who you are. Honoring those that have died in 2014 from anti-transgender hate crimes.