Fol Chen at the Echo on Sunday March 20th

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 Fol Chen is a strange oddity really hard to figure out: I had already seen them during this summer and I was not exactly sure of what to do with their unexpected harmonies, jerky rhythms and moody eclectic songs. Their music may be interesting at times with its surprising funky-electronic-pop hiccup but I was not entirely convinced by their eccentricity, especially because that night they were trying something new and were pretending auditioning for a new singer. They were opening for Fujiya & Maiyagi at the Echo on Sunday night and the five of them came on stage in red …

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Screeching Weasel incident at SXSW

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before the incident Weasel spent most of his time ranting against the media, labeling journalists as ‘parasitic’, characterizing the SXSW festival as ‘a carnival of schadenfreude’ and saying he regretted to have come