Wayne Kramer Discusses the MC5, guitars, and his new jazz project

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later, like after I came home from prison, and I went back to Europe as a solo artist, I started to meet the Clash and Nick Lowe and Billy Bragg and all those guys would tell me that Back in the USA was the record that inspired them. I think Kick Out the Jams might’ve been just too over the top for them or maybe they were too young, I don’t know. But Back in the USA was everything they were talking about

Dom La Nena Interview: The Cello As Solo Instrument

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When I thought about composing the songs I didn’t think it was possible to do it with only the cello, but when I stated writing I realized it was. I began to create loops and layers with only the cello, and arrived at a really layered sound and my own little orchestra

Heaven And Earth's "Dig" Reviewed

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If you believe, as Noel Gallagher of Oasis once claimed, that all the best rock and roll songs have already been written and the only thing to do is re-write them, then you’ll probably dig Dig