At Least Twenty Rappers Have Died Of A Violent Death In 2018

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Chief Keef, Mac Miller. Fredo Santana (two of them are dead)


It seems that every time I hear about a rapper, some news outlet is announcing his death! It seems that every day there is another hip hop artist suddenly dropping dead,… Just check out this list below, there were all rappers or aspiring rappers in their 20s or 30s, and they died this year, very violently, as most of them were shot:

Monte Wayne (Demonta Tanksley) was an up-and-coming rapper and he was shot in January in his apartment.

Phanelli Deblasio (Melvin Batties) was shot in the neck and killed in January, just a few feet from a Bronx housing development where he shot one of his music videos.

Fredo Santana (Derrick D Coleman), the older cousin of Chief Keef, died in January after a fatal seizure due to his addiction to Xanax.

Christopher Polk was shot and killed in February while driving in San Antonio after a performance.

William Teasley IIIwas shot and killed just outside his home, in March.

Billy Ray Robles was killed in St. Paul in March.

Lil Lonnie (Lonnie Taylor) was shot and killed in his car in April.

Billion Dollar B (Brandon Denson) was killed over marijuana in April.

Natrix Dream died in Random Waffle House Shooting in April

Louis BadAzz (Louis Robinson, Jr.)was shot and killed in north Baton Rouge in May.

A1 Lil Tony ( Antonio Lamont Harper) was shot multiple times and killed in May.

Smoke Dawg (Jahvante Smart) was violently killed in a triple shooting outside of a nightclub in Toronto in June.

Jimmy Wopo (Travon Smart)was shot dead in Pittsburgh in June.

XXXTentacion was shot in Florida in June while shopping for a motorcycle

Lil Buzz (Richard Doss) was shot and killed in his car in June

Eastside Snoop was killed while sitting inside his car in Detroit in August

Mac Miller (Malcolm James McCormick) was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home last September and he probably died of a drug overdose

Young Greatness (Theodore Jones) was fatally shot and killed in New Orleans in October.

YNW Juvy (Christophe) and YNW Sakchaser (Anthony) were killed by a flurry of bullets in October

Marley G (Taji Simon) was shot and killed in a nightclub in October.

There are probably other ones…

That’s twenty rappers dead this year of a violent death, and most of them were shot. This doesn’t happen in any other genre of music of course, and this is commonly believed to be linked to their lifestyle, but there are probably too many factors to draw a clear conclusion. It is surely outrageous but, of course, this is not a new thing, since the murders of Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and many others. A few decades ago, rockers were the ones who were dying young, according to the old adage, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. In 2018, rappers are the adage’s true heirs and now the 27 Club is almost exclusively hip hop.

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