Art Garfunkel Flies The Coop

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Art Garfunkel is one spunky dude!  We cannot dismiss the brilliance of Simon and Garfunkel. Theyre without a doubt icons of music. Nothing but respect for both of them  Paul Simon of course the ‘cute one’ seemed to float a bit better over time but lets not dismiss Art, hes pretty rad.

He has actually elevated himself to my favorite of the two simply for his bad behavior.  I love rock star antics- its why you become a rock star, it’s the only industry you can truly be a jerk and people will still love you and pay your mortgage.


This is  a pip though- seems Art went missing in Sweden.  The singer just up and left the country abandoning the tour.  I have to cut and paste this bit becaused my keyboard doesn’t have this Swede Swag letters.


Promoter Julius Malmström told the publication Sydsvenskan that they lost track of him in Gothenborg and that he had returned to the U.S. with his staff. Malmström also said that Garfunkel had some concerns over his voice. 'He seemed fit but not completely happy with his voice. It is possible that he was off colour, but if you are sick then you need to go to the doctor and get a certificate for your employer.

'This is bad form. Not least for himself. He is an icon in the business and it is regrettable if his career will end like this.'

 How interesting.  I like the bit where they say you have to go to the doctor and call your employer.  This is fucking Art Garfunkel man, he does as he pleases.  Sweden is cranky anyway, I mean look at their cheese.  Rock on Arty, get well soon!!



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