Are Vertical Concerts The Future Of the Music Industry During The Pandemic?

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Vertical concerts

Vertical concerts


During these COVID-19 times, people are trying to be the most creative they can, especially regarding public gatherings and concerts, one of the most beloved forms of entertainment that completely vanished from our daily life last March.

Vertical concerts could be a solution for a while, and the idea doesn’t look that bad after all. The concept is simple, concert organizers have to find a large hotel with rooms providing balconies opening on a large atrium or courtyard where a stage can be settled. People can attend the concert simply by booking a room in the hotel instead of buying traditional tickets, while each room can be occupied by up to 4 people (of the same family) in order to practice physical/social distancing.

This actually happened in Kyiv, Ukraine last week, at one of the city’s 4-stars hotels, the Bratislava hotel. In the video below, you can see people enjoying the music of the Ukrainian rock band O.Torvald, from their room balcony. The price for each room depended on the view (and so the distance to the stage) and went from $24 to $65, while people were allowed to bring their drinks in their rooms and could stay for a night after the concert. What a perfect combination, the hotel was completely booked for the night – something that must be difficult right now since nobody is traveling – and they were at the same time cutting on drunk driving!

The concert was watched by 350 people from 90 hotel balconies, and the event was the second time that this very interesting musical experiment was happening at the hotel. They plan to continue with similar vertical concerts this summer, as the equipment and stage have been kept in place for other bands to perform there.

There are plenty of hotels across the US that could organize similar vertical concerts. Of course, the organizers would still have to take some precautions when all the people enter the hotel, but this could be done over a long period of time, and since concert-goers have a room with bathrooms, it would not even be of any inconvenience.

If you are used to dancing in the pit, or to be at the front as I do, this may look unattractive to you, but think about it, this may be the only thing we can have for a long while.


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