Anthony Raneri's, "Cathedrals", reviewed

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Anthony Raneri, the lead singer of Bayside, released a solo EP titled Cathedrals.  I bought it immediately and fell in love.
"Charleston" is a fantastic track.  The beat is really catchy and unique, showing creativity.  I didn't quite expect the tempo when I clicked on it to listen.  It threw me off guard in a really good way because it showed that Raneri isn't predictable at all, which is nice.  Raneri's voice is so stunning and never fails to give me butterflies and a smile on my face.  I adore this song and how everything fits together, how the lyrics accentuate the already dynamic musical aspect of the tune.

I love "The Ballad of Bill the Saint".  It's a really good message and I can't get enough of the flawlessness of it because I don't get how he could have so much musical talent.  I don't have a single negative word to say about it.  The way that Anthony's voice dances on top of the instruments is absolutely incredible and uplifting.  It's almost effortless and puts you on a cloud when you hear it.  It shows off his immense talent and it's wonderful.

My favourite song on the EP is "Please Don't Leave".  It's so catchy and the beat is fun and simple, with just a guitar and some snapping.  Less is more with this song.  The lyrics are passionate but balanced with the upbeat music in the background, so the contrast really kept me listening and interested.  It's not only the best song on the EP, but probably one of my favourite songs Anthony Raneri's ever done.  Perfection is an understatement, and it has been on constant repeat.

Go purchase Cathedrals.  You won't regret it.


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