Another Day, Another Setlist: Titus Andronicus And FKA Twigs

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I haven’t seen Titus Andronicus in years, but I am going on Saturday night to catch em at Bowery Ballroom, and the setlist is up and remaining consistent. A shrimpy 13 song romp going as far back as “Fear And Loathing in Mahweh, NJ on one side, and four tracks off their Bob Mould produced An Obelisk, The Monitor gets three songs, the double Most Lamentable only two (both killer). the two off Local Business wouldn’t be more first choice (first choice: “In A Big City”), and no “Titus Andronicus” off their debut. So all in all,  enough for Patrick to blow the house down but with holes aplenty.

Titus Andronicus Setlist
1. To Old Friends and New
(Patrick Solo)
2. Just Like Ringing a Bell
3. Troubleman Unlimited
4. Fatal Flaw
5. Ecce Homo
6. Still Life With Hot Deuce and Silver Platter
7. Above the Bodega (Local Business)
8. Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ
9. (I Blame) Society
10. Dimed Out
11.Tumult Around the World
12. A More Perfect Union
13. Titus Andronicus Forever

Three days before TA, FKA Twigs is at Kings Theatre, for a multimedia though dance amplified performance. I have admired all of FKA twigs recorded, and performed, artistry, and the buzz on her Magdalene show is deafening. The setlist starts with stuff from LP1 and EP2, the next third is Magdalene leading to the A$AP Rocky cover, then she outros with more old stuff building to her brilliant “Cellophane”. A little too Magdalene heavy (nearly half the tracks), but I guess we will see how it sustains. However, if nothing else that early three, “Pendulum,” to “Figure 8” to “Video Girl,” should be excellent.

FKA twigs Setlist
1.Tap Dance
2. Hide
3. Water Me
4. Pendulum
5. Figure 8
6. Video Girl
7. thousand eyes
8. mary magdalene
9. home with you
10. sad day
11. fallen alien
12. Fukk Sleep
(A$AP Rocky cover) (Shortened)
13. holy terrain
14. daybed
15. mirrored heart
16. Papi Pacify
17. Lights On
18. Two Weeks
19. cellophane


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