An Upcoming Documentary Claims Tupac Shakur Faked His Death And Lives In New Mexico

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Documentary Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur


Almost every death of a pop/rock/rap star is surrounded by mystery and so-called conspiracy theories, I know something about it since I have been researching Elliott Smith’s death. Tupac Shakur’s death is no different and has been the subject of a lot of discussions, especially because the case was never solved. Who killed Tupac? Nevertheless, a Las Vegas filmmaker is exploring a completely different possibility in an upcoming film currently in production, ‘2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC.’

According to the official story, Tupac was shot in Vegas in 1996 and was taken to UMC (University Medical Center of Southern Nevada) where he died 6 days later. However, filmmaker Rick Boss thinks that Tupac is still alive. According to Boss, Tupac was informed his life would be in danger, and he and Suge Knight planned an escape. There was a look-alike sitting next to Knight in the car, Tupac relocated to New Mexico using a helicopter and got the protection from the Navajo tribe.… does it mean the look-alike was shot? Native American tribes, who live throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, would provide a perfect hideaway for Tupac since FBI agents are not allowed on their land. And since the FBI had about a 100-page file on Tupac, they would obviously be interested to keep an eye on him.

But don’t even think saying to Rick Boss that this is another crazy conspiracy theory, he insists the story comes from Tupac’s close circles and family: ‘This is not fiction, it’s facts from people I know,’ says Boss whose father knew Tupac’s mother, from their common involvement in the Black Panthers party. The irony is that Richard Garcia, the actor who plays Tupac in the movie, is actually saying he believes Tupac indeed died in 1996: Only Tupac’s legacy lives on…

Despite what you may think about this movie, Tupac’s death is still surrounded by a lot of mystery. TV personality Dr. Oz pretends he was never able to get the autopsy report when he did a special episode on Tupac’s death for his ‘Dr Oz Show’, and ‘Tupac is alive’ has been an enduring meme before it was a trend, a conspiracy theory even claimed by Suge Knight himself when he spoke to MTV in 2014.

I can’t say that the mini trailer for the movie (below) is really impressive, this is obviously a very low budget movie, and you have to wonder why the family would have confessed ‘the truth’ to Boss and would have allowed such a low-fi documentary to be made if indeed Tupac is alive. Nothing of all this makes sense, nevertheless, ‘2Pac: The Great Escape’ from UMC’  is expected to be released next year



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