American Laundromat Announces A New Album ‘Say Yes: A Tribute to Elliott Smith’

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It has become difficult to count how many Elliott Smith tribute albums have been released! Just last year, Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield released one, a few years ago, there was another one entitled To: Elliott From: Portland’ featuring various artists including the Decemberists, The Helio Sequence and Sean Croghan, back in 2006, pianist Christopher O’ Riley released ‘Home to Oblivion’, a collection of instrumentals reinterpreting some of Smith’s most famous songs… I am forgetting a lot of them I suppose, like this String Quartet tribute recorded back in 2004.

So do we need another one? ‘Say Yes: A Tribute to Elliott Smith’ is the last in date, set to be released next October. I know that Nikolas Rossi’s documentary, ‘Heaven Adores Youhas probably revived the interest, but the fact that so many people still play and record homages and tributes to Elliott Smith, tells a lot about the timeless and universal dimension of his music. Just last week, the ceremony of the Oscars was the occasion for many journalists to mention Smith’s memorable 1998 performance for ‘Miss Misery’, his song for the movie ‘Goodwill Hunting’.

The new album, released by American Laundromat, is entitled like one of the most beloved Smith’s songs, and the compilation features 15 covers, by famous artists including Amanda Palmer, J. Mascis, Tanya Donnely, Lou Barlow, and Juliana Hatfield, Yuck, Sun Kil Moon, Waxahatchee… The release comes in three formats: blue vinyl, compact disc, and mp3, and the label will offer several “bundle” packages, including a t-shirt,

The only song available so far is Juliana Hatfield’s cover, of ‘Needle In The Hay’ that she recorded almost 20 years ago already! It’s a nice take on a great song, with loyal vocals although she has added some unusual keys/synth, which may not please everyone but certainly provide a new atmosphere to the anxious song.

Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliott Smith tracklist in alphabetic order:

Waxahatchee – Angeles

Julien Baker – Ballad Of Big Nothing

Tanya Donelly – Between The Bars

Yuck – Bled White

Jesu/sun Kil Moon – Condor Ave

Lou Barlow – Division Day

Wild Sun – Easy Way Out

Tomo Nakayama – Miss Misery

Juliana Hatfield – Needle In The Hay

Caroline Says – No Name #3

Adam Franklin – Oh Well, Okay

Amanda Palmer – Pictures Of Me

William Fitzsimmons – Say Yes

Escondido – Waltz #1

Mascis – Waltz #2



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