Amanda Palmer "The Bed Song", Video Review

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Well then, being a Kickstarter millionaire pays off doesn't it!  A beautiful song now has a hipster video.  Well, its not that bad but the song is really gorgeous.   Its almost sacrilegious to give me a visual.  The song of loves slow death.

Amanda looks awful and despite some great photography it would really do with a bit more color- or is the bleak supposed to be intentional?  I think so.  See, when Amanda Palmer gets too serious she becomes ugly.  Not that cabaret noir, but really just homely and rather nerd like.  So is that bad?

Not necessarily.  Its appropriate for this song, very much so.  But going from her upbeat 'Do It With A Rockstar" to this?  Nah, I suggest Ms Palmer stick with the wild girl angst and leave the sappy giant bed drama to the country stars.  The video has ruined the song for me, its a shame too since I really loved the song.  The video could very well capture fans so that's a great thing.  Dresden Doll fans are really quite visual so this is a lovely gift for them.  Remember the Dresden Dolls?  WHERE DID BRIAN GO?

I love her, I hate her and its a cycle that continues nearly constantly.  Today I hate her for ruining my song!  Especially the care free opening exhibit.  She went all Williamsburg on it, why oh why, must the plaid run so thick? 

Such is life.  Well, if you were unfamiliar with the song here is your opportunity to hear it- don't look unless you want to be fooled into thinking this is just another pop tune.


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