Alternative rock nyc: Sunday, June 7th, 2020 At Gov Ball

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This is the one, this is the regretful day. Missy Elliott, Solange, and H.E.R. to headline. On an early summer day with the temperature in the mid-70s and the sun shining with all its might.

What a (day)dream) of a day.

I haven’t seen Missy in YEARS and I have never seen solo -though plenty of times jumping into a big time concert for a coupla songs. So I was beyond thrilled at the thought of a full set, I once aw Solange and M.I.A. at the same club (Webster Hall) and I’ve only seen H.E.R. once but I am  a HUGE fan and she has had a great first three months of the year…

It is warm yet with a summer breeze, sunny, filled with kids of all ages, and here I am not going because it didn’t happen.

This migh have been the best Gov Ball night since Kanye West after the mudslide…


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