Airborne Toxic Event, Arena Rockers In Waiting

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The last pictures Larry Miller sent to rock nyc were of U2, this time round here is Airborne Toxic Event at Town Hall last Friday.
A coincidence?
I think not entirely. The hugeness that is U2 overwhelmed the Olympia Stadium in Berlin, 2009. Town Hall is a relatively small room:  74,000 versus 1500 capacity. But Airborne Toxic Event's new album All At Once -their first for a major label, feels like it is ready to sell out anywhere. The sound is fighting to fill every second, every hole: it is alt rock pumped up on steroids. Contenders to Arcade Fires prince charmless on the way to U2 domination.
Their first album sold 300,000 units and the new one entered the charts at #17 -ergo, 20,000 in sales or close to it. So away to go.
Me? My problem remains constant, they are an average to above average band with delusions of grandeur and a lead vocalist in Mikel Jollet who would be better with a lo fi band like the Nationals..

Here are the pictures Larry Miller took of U2 at the Berlin concert:

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