Aimee Osbourne, Ozzy’s Daughter, Announces Her Debut Album

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Aimee Osbourne

Aimee Osbourne


It always takes a lot of courage (or delusion?) to follow the steps of a famous parent. Many offspring of iconic musicians have nevertheless released their own music, but the talent of James McCartney, Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, Harper Simon, Jakob Dylan, Ziggy Marley, Chris Stills, Lukas Nelson… do not matter much, their careers seem to be doomed from the start. How can they escape the comparison? Still, many persist as they should, and the last one is Aimee Osbourne, the daughter of the Prince of Darkness.

Aimee, who goes under the moniker ARO (her initials, Aimee Rachel Osbourne) has announced her debut album, ‘Vacare Adamaré,’ (Latin for ‘to be free and loved) set to be released on October 30, via Make Records. Last week, she shared the new single ‘House of Lies,’ but ARO is actually not a new project, as you can find several videos on her YouTube channel, which have been released these past few years.

‘House of Lies’ has a cinematic pop vibe, with an elastic dark synth played in a loop behind layered vocals, while Aimee’s voice soars into some hooky and bombastic chorus. The moody song is alluring and captivating and exults mystery and an anxious drama. Meanwhile, another song, ‘Shared Something with the Night,’ posted this summer, is a more explosive song, with an intense soundscape, pulverizing drums, shredding guitar, and this same cinematic atmosphere dominated by Aimee’s great vocals.

Poppy and dark at the same time, her songs are quite creative, often sweeping and grandiose, while exploring diverse avenues and styles. You can also listen to her older material ‘Raining Gold,’ or ‘Cocaine Style’ (which seems to be about her famous father) and their slowly sprawling gothic vibe. Since these songs were released 4 or 5 years ago, you have to wonder what took so long for her to release an album. ‘For me, it felt like I was run over by a steam train,’ she said to AltPress. ‘And every time I tried to be taken seriously, for a long time, because people made assumptions about what I should sound like. The family name. And also, you know, people assume that if you come from a certain background, you have access to unlimited funds and that they have the right to dive into those funds. There was a lot of that kind of situation, of course, a lot of delays, even a lot of legal situations. I got tied up in and, as much as it’s been a blessing, it’s also been a bit of a challenge, as well. So I think, as I mentioned, now I’m at a record company where I have none of those issues with them at all. They see me as a separate artist that has my own path with them. But I’d say in the past, it was definitely challenging.’

ARO (Aimee Osbourne, bassist Grecco Buratto, keyboardist Eric Scullin and drummer Brendan Buckley) will make their live debut at L.A.’s Hotel Cafe, this Saturday (September 26). You can purchase a ticket here to watch their live-streamed performance.


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