Aerosmith Tour News Anticipated

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Well pad the floor and get the safety harnesses out.  Steven Tyler and the boys are about to hit the road and if things go as per usual, some ones gonna be falling off the stage sometime real soon.

Well its semi speculation based about social media.  Steven Tylers caplock tweet of

“OK… NXT WEDNESDAY (((HUMP DAY)))…SEE U AT THE GROVE LA??? … SUMTHIN BIG GOING DOWN!!!…MEET ME AT THE FOUNTAIN…1130 Old folks and Twitter so funny, bet that was bifocal driven.

Facebook had a more coherent entry:

"Hey – something’s going on big at The Grove in Los Angeles. Be at the fountain near the patch of grass, Wednesday, March 28th promptly at 12 PM. This is YOUR chance to see Aerosmith and a whole lot more!"

Considering Joe Perry actually came to wish Tyler Happy 64th birthday on the set of American Idol, I think we can safely say its all about the press.  Sit tight and dates will no doubt be up mid week.


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