A Slew Of Top New Releases Today, 1-24-19, So Here Is An Early Listen

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I am off to see King Princess tonight, and that means tomorrow’s Early Bird will be, in fact, Late Bird, but with a lot of top new singles released today (Plus a HUGE ALBUM and a Weezer cover album with Weezer doing the cover), I figured I’d get an early shot at em… so let’s do this, as Jason Isbell once replied to my request for a selfie


Tarantula – Music Inspired by the Film Roma – Beck – I’ve been circling the movie on Netflix for a month but every time I go to watch it I just know will it not be as great as Fellini’s “Roma” or “Amarcord” for that matter… memory movies are tricky but I’ll guess we will see. If this awful snoozer of multi tracked vocals, vaguely electronica Beckism is anything to go by, maybe I should pass – C+

Exception To The Rule – Better Oblivion Community Center – I have hopes for the entire album, which I’m about half way through, but centered on this song because it is putting the clearest case for harmonies and their voices don’t work together. That problem is why Conor never got behind Monsters Of Folk in the right way, his “Say Please” was much better than their “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)”. The song is a pleasant, electronic bubbling duet with bubblegum surrealistic lyrics  about unemployment and not doing what you’re told. The problem is, their voices sound off when together, they are both light singers, one with a rasp – B

Dylan Thomas – Better Oblivion Community Center – Much better, the harmonies are banged right into place and the song is a nice piece of ear candy, Conor is 38 years of age and needs a shave and a haircut  – B+

nihilistic blues – Bring me The Horizon featuring Grimes – Electronic metalcore and Grimes doesn’t help much – C+

Haunted House – Florence + The Machine – Conor should be singing with Welch. Last year’s album was an overreach and a song that comes with this one isn’t very good, but this is a quietly haunting singer songwriterly move  that uses her voice to great effect – B

can’t calm down – Hand Habits – Saddle Creek have their own perfected sound and with the exception of a Big Thief, they all sound like this… except  Big Thief  also sounds like this but done much better – C+

MIDDLE CHILD – J. Cole – Cole thinks he is underappreciated though I have no idea why and on this long flow on the pulse track it is less underappreciated and more underwhelmed – C+

Red Bull & Hennessy – Jenny Lewis – It is like Lindsey Buckingham guitars but without the bedrock melody to pull her through – B

Front Porch – Joy Williams – She was better with the Civil War and the duo should’ve never broken up – B-

Ode To Billie Joe – Mercury Rev, Lucinda Williams – The electronic instrumentation is a lo and cool threat and Lucinda’s singing is exemplary and if they don’t quite work together at least you know you’ve heard a very sad and strong story by the end – B+

Fuck The Rain – Ryan Adams – At least he hasn’t hocked his guitar for Pro-Tools software for this beautiful slow and brooding classic rock and if you hang around to the 2 mins 55 second mark you get a coupla bars of prime John Mayer – B+

Viktor Borgia – Stephen Malkmus – Bleepy, synthy, Gameboy instrumental – C

2021 – Vampire Weekend – With Jenny Lewis saying “boy boy” in the background, this instant nostalgia track isn’t anyplace for Ezra to begin life after Rostam -it’s not bad, mind, just not good enough – B-

Harmony Hall – Vampire Weekend –  Here we’re good enough, this is like the “Cursed Child” starts at the end of “Deadly Hollows” only “Harmony Hall” does the same thing to “Finger Back,” it sounds very similar only the electronic instruments have become more organic by far… lovely and playful. Though it is time Ezra came home, fuck LA – B+

Paranoid – Weezer – No, not Post Malone, that might have been cool, this is as cool as teal, the color least likely to, snooze run at Ozzy – C




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