A Few Snippets From Arcade Fire Upcoming Album

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Arcade Fire upcoming album

Arcade Fire at the Ace Hotel in 2015


If I was taking each Arcade Fire’s album and compute the number of times I have listened to each of them, I probably would get a graph that would look like this. Five albums, one every 3-4 years and honestly a downward tendency, although I think I listened to ‘the Suburbs’ more times than I listened to ‘Neon Bible,’ and I still like ‘Reflektor.’ However nothing will ever reach the tragic beauty of ‘Funeral’ –  I have probably worn out the CD to death in my car – while I am still wondering what kind of failed EDM experiment their last one ‘Everything Now’ exactly was. I truly hated this one, I had definitively buried my love for Arcade Fire.

Two weeks ago, frontman Win Butler posted an old fashioned handwritten letter on his page and the band’s Instagram page addressed to ‘the wonderful fans of Arcade Fire.’ on his 40th birthday. He was announcing that the band was into the process of writing and recording a new album in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, and he even revealed a bit about the new content:

‘We had been exploring a lot of lyrical and musical themes that feel almost eerily related to what is happening now (we actually have a song called Age of Anxiety written a year ago for Christ’s sake – ha ha )’… ‘I’m pouring my heart, soul and all of my precious time into the music and recording.’

Sure, but will the new album be more like the Suburbs or ‘Everything Now’? Did they give up on the new sound that honestly never had a chance with their fans?

Someone on Reddit made a compilation of the short snippets posted by Butler on social media, and, despite these excerpts being only a few seconds long, it seems that, yes, they are back to that old Arcade Fire heartfelt, yearning and powerful sound. There’s so little music that there’s not much to say, but I guess we just have to wait for the release of Arcade Fire upcoming album.

I’m seriously losing my mind over these, picking up on them Suburbs vibes from r/arcadefire


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