A Devout Christian Listens To Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King”

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My kid brother asked me to give Kanye West (who I have never heard) and his new born again album Jesus Is King a listen. And my first reaction was I find it most discordant. And I am suspicious of repeating a sentence over and over again. Why is this racket classed as a masterpiece ….?

I was listening on my iphone and went into the bedroom where my grandson William  was in his cot playing, and he took my phone off me to listen to it.  My perception of Jesus Is King began to change. Yes, at first I couldn’t stand it, but then seeing William’s reaction and the fact that it is way to introduce the youngsters to the faith,  it broadened my outlook. You could say I listened to it with a very narrow mind. The first time.

Lines like “my life is not my own”  are spot on.

I had to listen to the 27 minute album a couple of times to take it all in.”Selah,” with the hallelujahs in it, was extremely good. I also liked how Kanye uses Bible quotes and that he pointed to heaven with his lyrics. The health, wealth and prosperity people should listen to him and learn from him. There is a sense of urgency, and a flair for the dramatic, that springs out at you with a plea to be heard. I found him Biblically sound, with a very good and clear message that maybe some Christians would do well to emulate.

My teenage granddaughter Josie listens to that kind of racket quite a lot, and the toddler just loved it. I guess I am getting a little old,  while the word of Jesus will continue to rejuvenate itself for generations yet to come.



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