Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Albums 5-8-20 – 5-14-20

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Last Friday, albums that should have dropped (Pretenders, Jarvis Is…) didn’t and a biggie (Drake) nobody was even aware of until a coupla hours before it dropped. Which makes the efficiency of this column (I use Billboard, Metacritic, and Album Of The Year to compile), questionable. No promises… but here we go

AC Sapphire, Desert Car

Adeline Hotel, Slow Love

The Airborne Toxic Event, Hollywood Park

Alice Bag, Sister Dynamite

Ambiance, Into a New Journey

Beauty Pill, Please Advise

Bishop Nehru, Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts

Blake Mills, Mutable Set

The Bobby Lees, Skin Suit

Bottler, Clementine EP

Cecile Believe, Made in Heaven EP

Chelsea Williams, Beautiful and Strange

Chip Wickham, Blue to Red

Choir Boy, Gathering Swans

Cup, Nothing Could Be Better

Deau Eyes, Let It Leave

Ellen Starski, Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair

Even Owen, Don’t Let the Ink Dry

Fake Names, Fake Names – minor league super rock group

Gateway Drugs, PSA

Hailee Steinfeld, Half Written Story – Maybe, I can’t find a confirmation that it’s dropping

Hayley Williams, Petals For Armor – for people who thought Fiona Apple was major

Holy Wave, Interloper

I Break Horses, Warnings

Kehlani, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – and the one song I’ve heard was a disappointment… but only one song

Joshua Speers, Human Now EP

Kansas Smitty’s, Things Happened Here

Mark Lanegan, Straight Songs of Sorrow – Screaming Trees guiy, great voice but songs? Hmmmm….

Modern Studies, The Weight of the Sun

Monteagle, A Colorful Moth

The Naked and Famous, Recover

Nav, Good Intentions – one of Toronto’s top rappers, his current single features Travis Scott, last year’s Bad Habits was very good, and I have high hopes for this one – MOST ANTICIPATED OF THE WEEK

Norah Jones, Pick Me Up Off the Floor – if dramamine made you drowsy and still nauseous it would be Norah Jones

OneRepublic, Human – always a member of the worst band of all time stakes

Pure Protein, Winner Goes Home

RAC, Boy

Radnor & Lee, Golden State

Randy Rodgers & Wade Bowen, Hold My Beer, Vol. 2

Shiner, Schadenfreude

Sleep Signals, 2020 EP

Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding, Last Flight Out

Sylvia Rose Novak, Bad Luck

Virginia Trance, Vincent’s Playlist

Vita and the Woolf, Anna


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