My Fave Tracks, Friday, April 8th, 2011

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1. Blaow – Shinobi Ninja – Off their just released debut album: it is where the raga meets the hip hard. Combustibule and maybe their best song on record so far.

2. Life Of the Party (feat Bounty Killer) – Elephant man – This is the real stuff, a hard dancehall-y double time, as though Elephant man had heard hip hop (Bounty Killer sometimes guests with folks like Busta Rhymes) but didn't want to play it.

3. Finale – Funeral Party – Very impressive alt rock -this is howit is done tody.

4. Honey Bee – Blake Shelton – Buzzworthy

5. take for A Fool – The Strokes

6. I'm Into you (feat Lil Wayne) – Jennifer Lopez – This is as good as modern pop gets.

7. You Are A Tourist – Death Cab For cuties – The band in minor key. Nice little riff.

8. Future Starts Slow – The Kills – Overwrought

9. Better Things – Ray Davies

10. Drop Dead Beautiful – Britney Spears – I am not hearing anything quite strong enough to break it big multi-platinum wise.


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