10 Songs, Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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Latter day Dylan masterpiece

Latter day Dylan masterpiece

1. Early Roman Kings – Bob Dylan – One verse is “taken verbatim from Robert Feagles translation of book 9 of the Odissey, where Odisseus meets Polyphemus”. So now you know – A

2. Cry When You Get Older – Robyn – A touch of emotional devastation and a highlight of her career – A

3. Jesus Remembered Me -Hank Williams – Off the new radio program discovery, and really, everything he sang had so much character it was filled with meaning even when it wasn’t…. This one was… – A

4. When The People Cheer – The Roots – Wow, a Roots song that doesn’t completely suck. Nice piano motif – C+

5. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn – This song is so big it had people mentioning Robyn in the same breath as Abba – A+

6. Do It Again – Röyksopp And Robyn – Pretty excellent electro pop – B+

7. All My Teklife – DJ Spinn – Beyond dramatic, a thundering Asgardian track – B+

8. Tuna Melt – A-Trak – One of his better  beats is squeaky and tasty – B+

9. Be My Girl – Jim Dale – This was, unbelievably enough, a hit in 1957. Even by Brit rock 1957 standards, he has no voice for it – C

10. All I Want – LCD Soundsystem – Great song, and the backing vocals make it a very good version – A-

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