10 Songs: Sunday, February 14th, 2016

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1 –  For My Next Trick I’ll Need A Volunteer – Warren Zevon – A masterful piece of metaphor for those hearts that never quite click, the late, stupendously gifted Zevon makes a heart disappear – A

2 – Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Warren Zevon – Dylan covered “Mutineer”, Zev used this as his epitaph and finishing end, “open up, open up… This is as powerful as “Black Star” and for similar reasons – A

3 – Kiss On My list – Hall & Oates – Sounds terrific after all these years, dance ain’t changed that much – A

4 – I Was In The House When The House Burnt Down – Warren – The Eagles? Really? For fuck’s sake – A

5 – Poor Poor Pitiful Me – Warren Zevon – Best verse in the world? Where a girl asks him to beat her – A+

6 – Accidentally Like A Martyr – Warren Zevon – More soul than Don Henley ever dreamt of – A

7 – Hasten Down The Wind – Linda Ronstadt – If Linda couldn’t quite get “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”, she definitely sang this better than Warren did – A

8 – Ain’t That Pretty All – Warren Zevon – This is one of the greatest songs ever written about the force of life against all odds – A+

9 – Rich Girl – Hall And Oates – You can say money but it won’t get you too far – A

10 – Desperadoes Under The Eaves – Warren Zevon – trying to give a credit, who said about STP they couldn’t write a Cobain song with a blueprint? I want to use it to compare the Eagles “Hotel California” to Zevon’s “Desperadoes Under The Eaves” – A+


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