10 Songs, Saturday, April 19th, 2014

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Fireworks definitive Pop Punk

Fireworks definitive Pop Punk

1. Play “God Only Knows” At My Funeral – Fireworks – It doesn’t live up to its title, but, honestly what song could. Isn’t the name alone good enough. It is a beautiful smart pop punk masterpieces and one of the songs of the year – A

2. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn – Maybe her best song, a tremendous dance track about new love and the break up – A

3. Teenage Eyes – Spider Bags – The greatest rock band around with the great song title of all time – A

4. Wanda And Duane – Marshall Crenshaw – Classic Dave Alvin cover will last forever – A+

5. The Sound Of Young America – Fireworks – Both songs are off the recent Oh, Common Life, which I am gonna have to review soon – A

6. Sleeping With A Friend – Neon Trees – Pretty good modern dance rock – B

7. Tongue Tied – Candy Heart – Excellent indie pop – B+

8. Dirty Lie – The Secret Sisters – straight up walking blues – B+

9. Call Your Girlfriend – Lucy Wainwright Roche – Lovely folkie version of the dance classic – A

10. I Do It All For You – Somo – Bringing American cabaret into the 21st century and very well as well ; this guy could give Buble a run for his money- A-

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