10 Songs: Monday, October 27th, 2014

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Arthur Russell lives on

Arthur Russell lives on

1 Tell You (Today) – Robyn – electronic dance fun and games and with zooming sound effects like space invaders and a steady as she goes beat, all of which is like a flash back old time disco thriller by Arthur Russell. Purely beautiful till the horns get funky at the end, and then it is a dance blast- A

2. Went To War – Amason – Swedish super duper group, terrific at CMJ last week and this song is pretty awesome as well. Amanda Hollingby Matsson can, you know, sing – A-

3. Blank Space – Taylor Swift – Tay’s best song on the newbie shows e incredible things – A

4. I Found You – Nude Beach – Ten minutes of gorgeous tuneful melodic licks, the adding of a harp can only be good – A

5. Marry Me Now – Neil Diamond- This is  like going into a cake shop and seeing a delicious cream cake in the window, buying a slice, sitting down for a big delicious bite and the cake is stale – C+

6. Live forever – Little Big Town – Folkie country dog with fleas – C-

7. Bull – Scott Walker And Sunn o))) – These guys sound like metal machine music without the feedback – A

8. Delete – DMA’s – On stage they sound like Oasis, on record like Travis, either way is good with me – B+

9. Stuck In My Teeth – Circa waves – Craftier on record then live, but they have a wave with a line, “I’m a little too young without enough time”. From Liverpool, if that matters – B+

10. Beauty Meat – Sun Club – My elusive friend Maren B recommends e and I can hear why, very poppy indie rock – B+


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